The intention of this page is to reintroduce two esoteric masonic authors from Port Elizabeth to seekers of truth. George Munro (pseudonym) introduced me to Gerald Massey, while Bernard Laubscher introduced me to Godfrey Higgins and Rabbi Maimonides.

Little is known of George Munro, who took the trouble to hide his identity, but dr Laubscher is well known for his contribution to old age homes in Port Elizabeth. His “Sex Custom and Psychopathology” is regarded by some as the first scientific investigation into pagan culture. His “Philosophy of the Evolution of Spirit” was his first book to touch on the ancient masonic customs. His interest in the paranormal shows in all his books, but “Where mystery dwells” , “The Pagan Soul” and “Man's Private God” are most likely sufficient reading for freemasons.

One needs to question the reason for the Grand Lodge of South Africa for suppressing the genius of BJF Laubscher, surpassing Richard Carlile, author of the Manual of Freemasonry ca 1826, in knowledge, at least equaling that of dr James Anderson, author of the first masonic constitution in 1723 .

Laubscher had the ability to target a wide audience in a single book, giving the initial impression of contradicting himself. This is unfortunately complicated by the still necessary requirement of keeping the masonic secrets private.

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